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Holidays Schmolidays

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Hey, hey! Holiday season is here and I'm sooo not ready.

I'm the one who bought the Halloween candy the day before, skips Black Friday and waits to decorate until at least the first weekend in December. It's like it sneaks up on me every year!

Are you ready for the holiday season? I hope you're better prepared than me!



Be the Boss of Your Processes

The biggest cluster I typically see in small businesses is the way they interact with their clients. Yes, clients are #1 but having a model that allows them to dictate everything just causes chaos!

And it's costing you money.

Learn how you're giving control to your clients (and what to do about it) in this month's edition of Ninja Notes.

🎧Listen to this while you read 🎧



Brand New for You

Hey CEO, what if 🤔...

  • Your day felt calm and organized

  • You had enough time to get everything done

  • You didn't have to work nights and weekends

  • You could take Fridays off

  • AND your business was thriving?

It's time to STOP 🛑...

  • Letting clients dictate your schedule

  • Leaving yourself useless time black holes

  • Constantly shifting gears and feeling exhausted

  • Never making any real progress on your to-do list.

Hey, I have something (free) for that!

As my holiday gift to you, I'm offering free calendar audits to clean up, clear out and optimize your schedule so you can start 2022 with a bang...and maybe take off for the holidays too 😉

I have a limited number of no-strings-attached spots for the CEOs who want to take control of their schedule.

Free Calendar Audits

November 29 - December 10

Snag a spot now!



One of My Favorites

Oh hey, it's my very own JJC Playlist on Spotify!

I firmly believe a good playlist sets the mood for success.

That's why I've curated some of my faves to get you in that CEO mindset...and get you grooving.

Keep checking back for new jams and some holiday favorites!



Let's Work Together!

Whether you’re just starting out or had your business for years, process and operations are the backbone to get you to the next level.

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