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What the Cluster F*ck?!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hey, hey! It's officially fall and I'm all about football (go Panthers!), good jeans and uncluster f*cking your business!

October marks just three months until the new year and if you want to make game-changing moves in 2022, you better start now.



Be the Boss of Your Processes

No, opportunity doesn't suck. But there are a million things in your business that can suck up your opportunities.

And it's costing you money.

Learn the biggest opportunity suck for small businesses (and what to do about it) in this month's edition of Ninja Notes.

Want to know more about what's costing you money?

Oh hey, I have a masterclass for that!



Brand New for You

What if I told you the way you're running your business is

costing you money?

I have a FREE masterclass about that on October 27!

Now is the perfect time to get everything in check.

In just 1 hour, I'll teach you exactly how to go through your business the way I would, process ninja style.

In this masterclass, I'll show you:

💸 Types of opportunity costs in your business processes

💸 How to spot the opportunity cost culprits

💸 How to stop them from costing you money

💸 Where to focus your time and energy – not all opportunities are created equal!

This is the stuff that takes you from being the boss of your business to running your business LIKE A BOSS.

Did you miss the live event? I got you.

Catch the replay!



One of My Favorites

I'm all in on a music podcast, and this one is good. Host Danyel Smith is the former editor-in-chief of Vibe and literally grew up with Tupac.

She has guests who are artists and industry insiders, tells unbelievable stories about music superstars, and plays amazing music.

My rec for you... The Diss-Education of Lauryn Hill.

She actually has MC Lyte as a guest!

Black Girl Songbook



Let's Work Together!

Whether you’re just starting out or had your business for years, process and operations are the backbone to get you to the next level.

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